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All of our products are highly efficient, customizable and effective in conveying the message.  We offer several options for different requirements one will definitely suite you.  All our products are focused on helping you to look inside the data with a perspective which will help you make correct decisions faster. Our products are ready for download upon purchase, and you just need standard Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher to work with, few of our products works on Microsoft Excel 2003 too. All the products are pre-built and you don’t have to change much except enter your data, all the charts, widgets and tables dynamically updates, once you enter your data.

This is the most common dashboard which any knowledge professional need for their day to day work


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These have all the capabilities which our Basic ones have plus you can connect with your back end data store.


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With all the design offered by our basic one and all the power of connectivity offered by static, our dynamic deal move a bit ahead by providing the user options to change so they can review different dimensions of data in one single workbook.

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We help you integrate business data into a one-pager by designing an individual Business Scorecard allowing you to dynamically monitor performance indicators from various views (using the Drill-up and Drill-down methods in the selected period), better communicate and save you time and money. Business Scorecard means all important information about your business is available on at glance, even if the data is stored in various systems. With our Business Scorecard (Dashboard), you will easily understand your KPIs in their full complexity. Complex reporting system consists not only of dashboards but also detailed reports helping you to decompose aggregate metrics. Every management report (Dahsboard) has also user-defined alerts, letting you know about outcomes which do not comply with the pre-set plans. You will find solutions for your business needs in our product catalogue. We can customize ready-made products and adjust them to your corporate environment (systems, colours, logos)


We will provide dummy text which have been created by us for customized dashboards


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This is another area where we need to provide data, text and pictures


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