Basic Dashboards

Basic Dashboard is a Manager’€™s Delight on Excel!

Excel Advise provides Basic Dashboards; a cutting edge Excel based solution, that can manage complex information effortlessly and the data is entered, accessed and understood with ease. It does not require too much of extensive training sessions and guess what the highlights are?

All the Basic Dashboards are developed using on Microsoft Excel, guaranteeing easy to setup and maintain, recognized globally, user-friendly AND the highest key point being that the cost of ownership “€œextremely LOW”€

This almost free Excel Dashboard product incorporates powerful and useful visual system that makes the busy personnel read and remembers quickly, through attractive illustrations and the interpretation of data. The themes and designs make the viewers much interested and engaged. Your internal and external clients (Managers, Co-workers, Investors, Bankers, Directors, and above all your Clients) love to get reports like these to gain more business insight in the least possible time.

Globally, the researches prove that remembering and recalling colorful, attractive presentations, graphical trends and relationships are far easier than plain texts and numbers. The interactive style aids your brain to connect trails, furthermore review and compare performance of many procedures and reveal patterns in the quickest way.

Implementation of these active Excel Dashboards is completed within days rather than months with low-impact on IT resources. Excel Advise complies with industry standards to simplify installation and maintenance yet deliver a rich user experience and robust calculations at the back-end Excel Worksheets.

Getting started is as easy as 1..2…3:

  1. Choose your report design
  2. Enter required titles and data
  3. Choose your color schemes
The process is continuous with simply updating of data

  • You can choose from Tens of different Presentation styles for Chart
  • Dynamic Pick-lists
  • User-friendly customization of dashboards
  • Drilldown Data diagnostics to charts, web URLs
  • Flawless connectivity to related databases
  • No programming required
  • Support for Mobile Devices also for few of our dashboards

We give you built-in security framework for access control in these Basic Dashboards that is on demand and may cost your separately. You can draw data from different databases, spreadsheets, XML and / or other data sources to display all KPIs and metrics in a “€œsingle location” without worries with our basic dashboard pro program.

The end-result “€œevery time” is High Quality yet Inexpensive Report Generation; easy to print and present and you can make updates on-spot.

For more information, or to schedule a live demo, contact an Excel Advise representative by clicking here.