Customized Dashboards

Tailor-made to organize and present with your style

Excel Advise gives you complete freedom in the Dashboard world for a tailor-made solution “Customized Dashboard”, keeping in mind your industry and organization needs. Discuss your requirement and industry challenges, and the output is completely tailor-made yet it has the same ease and convenience of use by any technical or non-technical person.

We understand that every industry, every organization thinks and acts differently, set their own goals, lay down their own KPIs and define their own priorities and workflows. For all this and more, we develop Customized Dashboard or we even call them Executive Dashboard where it exhilarates professionalism and decision-making.

These customized or executive dashboard platforms are an ideal choice where you want unlimited options and freedom of management for the dashboard. There is freedom of making more than one Dashboard, choosing from the various Dashboard Management Tools like drop-down lists, toolbar button utilities, changing default styles, copying dashboard objects and toggle design mode to add or redesign panels, modify panel content, add local filters and more.

These customizations add more value to your Dashboard and no matter how complex or dense the information is, can be easily read and comprehended throughout the organization due to its easy sharing capacities and accessible from any web source.

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