Managed Dashboards

So you are very busy with your core business activity and merely have time to work on updating your dashboards. But to be focused and putting the efforts on the most important thing all the times is one of the success factor. We have the solution for you, so you will focus on your core competency and we will do the design and update of your dashboard for you. It’€™s simple you can start right away and cancel it anytime.

Features of Managed Dashboard include:

  1. Sign-up with our site for Managed Dashboard by clicking on “€œBuy Now” link.
  2. You can upload the data as an Excel List, or you can email us the data, you can download a sample data from here.
  3. We will have a discussion with you about design & color scheme over email, approximately takes 5 days to finalize.
  4. Your ready dashboard will be sent to you.
  5. Just send your updated data every month, and we will send you crisp and complete dashboard.

You can cancel it anytime within 15 days of sign-up, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.